ProShield FAQs

What are the differences between the ProShield Range of Face Masks?


  • ProShield Core Face Mask

         - 2-PLY Design for adequate protection

         - No filter is included 

         - Outer Layer and Filter Pocket

         - Dimensions: 18cm Mask Length x 17cm Ear Loop 


  • ProShield Plus Face Mask

       - 3-PLY Design for extra protection

       - Built-in filter is included 

       - Has 3 Layer (Outer Layer, Built-in Layer and Filter Pocket)

       - Dimensions: 18cm Mask Length x 17cm Ear Loop 


  • ProShield Premium Face Mask (Out of stock)

       - 4-PLY Design for maximum protection

       - Double Layered Built-in filter 

       - Has 4 Layer (Outer Layer, Double Layered Filter and Inner Layer)

       - Dimensions: 20.5cm Mask Length x 15.5cm Ear Loop 


How much does the ProShield Collection cost?

    • ProShield Face Mask - $9.90/2-Piece Pack
    • ProShield Plus Face Mask - $12.90/2-Piece Pack
    • ProShield Premium Face Mask - $16.90/1-Piece Pack (Out of Stock)
    • ProShield Mask Filter - $4.90/2-Piece Pack
    • ProShield Flex - $4.90/1-Piece Pack
    Is there a measurement chart for ProShield Face Masks?
    • ProShield Core | Mask length 18 cm, Ear Loop 17 cm
    • ProShield Plus Mask Length 18 cm, Ear Loop 17 cm
    • ProShield Premium Mask Length 20.5 cm, Ear Loop 15.5 cm
    • ProShield Filter Pad 15 x 7.5 x 11.5cm

    Where is ProShield Masks manufactured?

            ProShield Face Masks are manufactured in Malaysia and under Tested & Hygienic Environments. Mask Nanofiber Filter Pads are made in China. 

      How long can I expect to wait for my products to arrive?

      Domestic Orders are usually processed within 2 Working Days from Ordering Date. It will take up to another 3 days to be delivered to your Shipping Address.

      We seek your kind understanding and patience during this unfortunate period. Meanwhile, Stay Healthy, Safe and At Home If You Can, While We Deliver Protection to You!

      How do I make Pre-Order for out of stock products?

      Thank you for expressing your interest in our products. Click here to visit our Facebook Homepage to take a look at our product launches.

      Is ProShield products washable and reusable?

      All Pro Shield products are washable and reusable up to 30 times. For Mask Filter Pad, it can be washed up to 30 times. Built-in filters with masks can be washed up to 30 times. This will be applicable to Pro Shield Plus and Premium. 

      Can we wear ProShield Face Masks without a filter pad? / Can I use Pro Shield Face Mask and Mask Filter after 30 washes that are recommended? 

      We would like to highlight that the ProShield Face Mask is effective to wear without additional filter pad as it prevents the growth of bacterial and water droplets. However, the water repellent finishing, antibacterial properties and effectiveness will diminish over time.

      What is the PM value of the masks?

              ProShield Mask Filter Pad is measured at PM 0.1 μm

      Do you have a comparison chart in comparing all mask range?