About ProShield

Since Covid-19’s Outbreak, there has been a scramble for all types of face masks which resulted in a serious global shortage. To combat this issue, DECKS Pte. Ltd. has developed and produced a Tested and Certified Reusable Face Mask Range made using Eco-Friendly, Water-Resistant Fabric which is Hypoallergenic and Child-Friendly. The Masks are One-size-fits-all, making it suitable for young and old alike. The Multi-Layered Collection feature designs with built-in Filter and Compartment where extra protection is preferred.

Incorporated with DECKS Pte. Ltd. in February 2020, in the face of Global Pandemic Covid-19, The ProShield Range of Protective Reusable, Antibacterial, Hypoallergenic, Water Repellent Face Masks were created to combat the lack of surgical face mask supply in Singapore.

Today, through intensive research and development, ProShield boasts an even wider range of protective face masks, gear and accessories that seeks to protect users from all walks of life, children, and elders alike.
We are committed to continue on doing our part in this fight against the spread of Infectious Diseases like Covid-19. Protect yourself and your loved ones, with ProShield!